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Conquering Gunung Irau, A basic walkthrough guide – Mount Irau Adventure Time

“Don’t be afraid of new beginnings, from new people, new energy, new surroundings, new challenges.

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The No.1 Ultimate Hikers Guide To Climb Mount Kinabalu

The Ultimate Hikers Guide To Climbing Mount Kinabalu “Because it is there,” was the eloquent

Top 10 Landmarks of Ipoh Heritage Trail

Top 10 Landmarks of Ipoh Heritage Trail At first glance, Ipoh may look like a

13 Must See Sights in Bukit Jugra

Exploring Bukit Jugra Soon? Located in the Kuala Langat district of Selangor, Bukit Jugra

7 Reasons Why Hiking is The Best Dating Idea Ever!

Do you want to go on a romantic getaway, but movies and candlelight dinners seem

Gunung Suku | A Hikers Guide – Updated June 2020 | PTT Outdoor

Name: Gunung Suku Location: Simpang Pulai, Perak (close to the Perak-Pahang state border) Starting Coordinates:

10 Insta-worthy Spots in Ipoh You Should Check Out

10 Insta-worthy Spots in Ipoh You Should Check Out Besides its history, good food, hot

Pulau Babi Besar | Stunning Island Trip

A quick guide to a really big (babi besar) island.


Why You Should Pick Up Hiking

4 reasons why you should start hiking.

KL Forest Eco Park

Check out this jungle in the middle of KL and what it has to offer.

Real-life Aquamen? | The Bajau Laut

Learn about the people who can hold their breath underwater for more than 5 minutes!