We all want to avoid the time when an emergency comes up and you do not have the essentials to solve the problem. For such purposes, the “10 essentials” list has been made which can be useful for any outdoor activities, camping, hiking, climbing or other. This list was first prepared by The Mountaineers in the 1930s. Back then it was a little different, now it contains a system approach rather than individual items. The ten essentials of camping are:

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  1. Navigation:

The navigation tools are divided into five essentials which include a map, altimeter watch, GPS device, compass and personal locator beacon (PLB). A map and a compass will help you find yourself if you are lost. The GPS device also performs the same function to locate you in the digital map. PLB can be used to alert the emergency personnel if you are lost or need help.

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  1. A headlamp:

A source of light is essential for camping, most campers prefer a headlamp because it keeps your hands free in order to perform any tasks. Moreover, it is also recommended that you carry extra batteries with you.

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  1. Sun protection:

Since you are outdoors sun protection is a must. Sunglasses are vital while camping in order to protect your eyes from the radiations. A sunscreen is also crucial to protect your skin against the sun. A formula of SPF 30 is recommended. Sun-protection clothing is also helpful in protecting your body from the radiations.

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  1. First aid kit:

The need for the first aid kit and the methods to use it cannot be underestimated. A first aid kit must include the treatment for blisters, gauze pads, bandages of various sizes, disinfectant ointment, OTC medication, nitrile gloves as well as insect repellant.

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  1. Knife:

Knives are important for food preparation, gear repairs, first aid or other emergency needs. Everyone must carry a knife with them as it can be used for various purposes. A small gear repair kit is also essential with the knife. The more remote you are, the more important your kit becomes and therefore carries more items.

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  1. Fire:

In order to start and maintain fire, you need to have reliable supplies in case of the emergencies. Matches are a must, some people often consider butane lighter or matchbooks. Firestarter is also a necessity especially in wet conditions because it jump starts the fire.

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  1. Emergency shelter:

Carrying emergency shelter is important to protect you from the wind or rain when you get injured or stranded on the trail.

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  1. Extra food:

Always take with you extra food for at least a day in case your journey prolongs due to some reason. Items that have a long shelf life are better to take on camping.

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  1. Extra water:

It is crucial to have extra water for your outing and also a way to purify it either by the filter or by boiling.

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  1. Extra clothes:

As the clothes can get wet or dirty, always pack extra clothes.

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