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Very Comfortable to wear

LEAD Women Sport Shirt
Yong Siew Nyuk


Foldable Bottle

No more space consuming bottle! I just easily fold this bottle whenever its empty, and save more space in my bag. The price is also reasonable for a single 500ml bottle. Can be used for any activity! This will be my favourite bottle from now on...

On/Off valve

For me, this is the special feature on this TAHAN Hydration Bladder. I can easily turn this bladder on/off whenever I want to use it. In addition, perfect material, good design, and affordable price. Lovely product!

Quality Product & Fast Delivery

Love the product. Items were received safely within a few days.

Amazing Hydration Bladder

I bought both size of this TAHAN Hydration Pack. One for me, and one for my little boy. Since these hydration bladder has arrived, we're going to use these to hiking this coming weekend. I'm so excited with this item. And not to forget, the service provided by PTT Outdoor. Superb service and product!

Fast delivery and good condition

Wearing good and feeling great

Easy to carry

Parcel arrived!
Gonna use this hydration flask this weekend during my football training. Should be easier to carry and space saving. The price is also reasonable which makes me so satisfied with this product..

Complete Set Camp Tarp

Received all of this for free!
This is the best thing purchasing stuffs in PTT Outdoor. I am a regular customer in here and I would like to recommend all of you guys to check out this store. Best service, top quality, and almost all of the item were sold with complete set! Thanks PTT!!!!

TAHAN 12-in-1 Multitool Survival Hammer
khairul fadhly bin mesbah hudin
12 in 1

12 in 1 ni memang mudahlah sebab semua dalam 1 je..

Good quality legging

Good material, comfy sensation and quality is thick enough for trail & hiking at cold weather.

Free Storage Bag

Compact packaging!
I love it when there's a free storage bag for me to store this camp tarp. I can now bring this camp tarp anywhere I go easily with this storage bag and store this tarp without any mess. Lovely product by PTT, I love it!

SPOVAN PR1 Smart Watch
Amirul Asyraf
Smartwatch Paling Best

Jam dah di tgn bos, tq ptt outdoor! service tiptop, delivery pun laju je, alhamdulillah courier tkbuat hal. jam berfungsi dgn baik dan nmpk hensem beb pakai jam ni hahahahaha

Best Energy Provider with Low Sugar

This is not my first time consuming this KODA Electrolyte Tablets. The effects and energy from the tablets is the main reason on why I keep consuming this product. Without any weird ingredients and low sugar, I don't feel like this tablets will affect my health. For the people out there, this is the best electrolyte tablets to help you workout. Highly recommended!


This headlamp is super bright! Comes with best quality, super bright LED, strong materials, free charging cable, and also free battery! I could say that this headlamp is perfect enough...

Free Charging Cable

Parcel safely arrived and received in a very good condition!
I received the parcel with complete set, including the charging cable so I don't need to buy separate cable to charge this headlamp. Going to use this headlamp for a cave trip this weekend. I can't wait!

Helps in providing more energy

I am now more energetic in my workout session with this KODA Electrolyte Tablets. It helps me in replacing almost all of my sweat and helps me to stay hydrated all the way long. With this KODA Electrolyte Tablets also, I could do more in my workout. To be honest, this tablets is really helping. Highly recommended!

Hiking stick

Very comfortable, nice color, stable, easy to carry, very light.
Very recommended.

Save time and space

This small bag is the storage bag for TAHAN LitePack 18.
Yes, I know it looks so small, but believe me that this will helps to carry the LitePack everywhere. I could place this bag in my handbag, and use it whenever I need it. It doesn't take a lot of energy or a long time to open and set it up. This LitePack is really helping me especially for daily use....

Perfect Multifunction Bag

Nice bag!
Now I could use this bag literally to everywhere (including buying groceries) 🤣.
The other interesting thing on this bag is it could be folded and it will be easier for me to carry it, especially with the carrier bag provided.
The service by the PTT's staff is also amazing, where they keep answering each and every of my question about this bag.
Thanks PTT Outdoor!!!

Special edition and design

No doubt! The best frisbee disc! With special design, this disc is now my favorite among all of the disc I owned. The design is superb and so pretty! I can't describe it with words. As a Malaysian, this edition is meaningful especially for collection. This is my second disc and this one will be my collection.

Perfect Disc for Competitive Scene

I am a frisbee coach in a local school. I bought these two discs for my students to train everyday. They love the design so much and they keep using these discs even there are many other discs in the store room. My personal view on this disc is it is perfect and suits competitive scene so well. My students doesn't have any problems to adapt with the official disc used in tournament as they were used with the specification so well by using these Discraft discs.

Naturehike tent

Barang & packaging mantap. Kemah belum test lagi, harap semua ok.. overall cun setakat ni

Great quality and attractive color!

Great quality and attractive color!
MyDisc 175gram Ultimate Disc is now the best frisbee disc I ever used. The thickness of the disc is really suitable for every people. This disc is also comes with interesting color, not just white (like usual frisbee). Overall, I am more that satisfied with this disc.

Best product

Sangat berguna utk sya. Especially yg jenis bermagnet sebab sya boleh letak pada body kereta kalau rasa rimas di kepala. Sangat effective