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Lampu yang terbaik untuk outdoor

Best gold jam!

Jam okay smpai dgn berjayanya! Setting agak senang je klau dh biasa dgn smartwatch. Yg penting strap best dan cntik bila pakai even gold color... i like it! Jgn jeles ye...

Work well!

Excellent product, trusted, working well and original! You can buy without fear. the product came sealed and working perfectly. Thanks PTT Outdoor!

Good watch and service!

Item arrived and recived in good condition. Good quality product value for money.
Tq seller for the item. Keep up a good services with customer. Recommend trusted seller.


Better than I expected. It's a bit thick, but it's okay. Color quality is very good. The body is aluminum, all functions are in working condition. This quality for the money is unbelievable.

Nice tent!

Woah easy set up tent and no complicated steps anymore!! Nice tent.. great value .. Lots of room inside . .. definitely recommend this tent

Like this tent pole

Awesome functioning pole, no need wood anymore. Easy to use and setup. Very well done product. Thanks PTT Outdoor!!

Good product!

Bring this to camp, even water from river need to be disinfected. very useful for outdoor like me whenever you want to refill the water but afraid of the cleanliness

Made my life easier and faster with his multitool. Save my time and life. I use this all the time now and I think need to buy one for my wife (she keep borrowing mine!)

Easy use!

I love these hammock straps, really easy to use and not hurting my hands while using it. Kinda like it for now, thanks for the item being well received in good condition!

Easy to setup!

Must say one of the nicest camping tents I have ever bought! Very easy to set just ask my son! hahaha

Good quality and comfortable!

Just arrived and tested, I like the material! The quality of this letter print graphic t-shirt is excellent. Soft soft soft!


Tak bergoyang, sangat molek & terletak cun Di muka.. Alhamdulillah bertambah pace ketika berlari & design ni member keyakinan menyeluruh kerana reka bentuk yg tak besar & tak terlalu kecil... Sedang2 gitu...

Easy and portable

Lantern size is compact and bright. The hook on it is good to have so i can gantung it in the tent. Light functioning very well. can charge using powerbank also, very compatible rather than bringing big size lamp. Great service from the shop cause they ship out my item very very fast ehek.

Running Addict Tights

Good quality. Perfect for me to use it during my routine endurance running. Value buy. I will recommend it to my running buddies. Tqvm PTT!

Great Watch, Worth the RM

The watch is as expected, nice and tough looking. The features are great and easy to use. 1st class customer service by the seller and quick too.

Good packaging

My item arrived yesterday, yeah they put the item in a box and it is secured through out the shipping. Glad they add together the air pump, i no need to buy outside. I tried to add water as soon it arrived. Cool home workout equipment, people must get this ASAP.

jam harga marhaen, kualiti bangsawan

terbaik jam ni, mudah nak kendali.


Terbaikk, barang memang selesa dipakai ,dapat simpan banyak card

Fast delivery

Fast delivery and good condition

NATHAN Run Laces
Tan Swee Siang
NATHAN Run Laces

Good quality and fast delivery

Good product vs slow delivery

It’s a good products but the delivery was too slow.

NORTH EDGE Mars 2 Smartwatch
North edge mars 2

Nice.. Sporty.. Elegant

Cheap but quality

Available in several color, cheap, quality and fast delivery

Good comfy material

Material used very soft and comfy. The band use at the end is quite wide and yes they have the anti-slip silicone strip as stated in the description. the strip is helping so that it will not move even in heavy workout. The kain super soft for long hours wearing too. Super satisfied no complain, even ship very fast. Thanks to this awesome shop