Emergency Kit

Being prepared is perhaps the best way to avoid disasters. Being caught in a sticky situation is one thing, but not being well-equipped is where it gets really bad.

Regardless of any emergency, there’s a chance you might have to hold out on your own for several days before rescue arrives. This is when you’ll need an emergency kit to reduce your danger.

Emergency Kit – What You Need

We recommend keeping these supplies in, a large enough backpack or a duffel bag (both preferably waterproof) for easy-carry, or a waterproof dry bag for smaller items. It’s best to keep them in an easy-to-access spot at your home in case you have to immediately evacuate.

Emergency Kit Checklist
Emergency Kit Checklist

For a basic emergency kit, here’s what you’ll need some emergency supplies like:

  1. First-aid kit
  2. Drinking water
  3. Non-perishable food
  4. Can opener
  5. Flashlight / Headlamps
  6. Extra batteries
  7. Whistle
  8. Important documents
  9. Phone and charger
  10. Power bank
  11. Sanitary products
  12. Extra clothing, pants, shoes
  13. Emergency blankets
  14. Multitool
  15. Local maps
  16. Cash

Optional Nice-to-haves

These aren’t a must, but they’re nice-to-haves that may or may not apply to everyone. You’ll never know.

  1. Radio
  2. Water purifiers/filters
  3. Sleeping bags/mats
  4. Prescriptions
  5. Books, games, etc. for children
  6. Mess kits, utensils
  7. Pet food

Storage locations

Emergencies are unpredictable, so it’s best to have them with you in places you often visit. This way, you’ll almost always have access to your emergency kit wherever you are. Said places include:

    1. Home – Ensure your housemates or everyone in your family knows where it is, and it has to be an easy-to-access spot so try your best to avoid storerooms (or at least if your storeroom has lots of stuff)
    2. Workplace – This is a case-to-case basis as workplaces differ for everyone, but be sure to have a spot in mind.
    3. Car – Having a kit in your trunk will come in handy in case you’re stranded

As such, that means having 3 separate emergency kits. Might be costly, but being ready is far more important. 

If you prefer to have a physical copy of the checklist, feel free to download a printable version here below.

Stay safe!


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