When you’re out on the trails, you’ll definitely meet all kinds of people. There’s always that one super friendly dude, the superfit uncle or auntie who puts the young people to shame, the fast and furious hikers who effortlessly zooms up and down, and then there’s the assholes who ruin the mood…

So, to essentially talk shit about these annoying hikers that are an absolute nightmare to deal with, here’s 7 types of annoying hikers that aggravates everyone on the trails.

1. The whiners who clearly didn’t know what they signed up for

Oh yeah, these embodiments of negativity are the ultimate whiners. If you’re lucky, you might just come across a Karen on the trails.

Whining hikers summarized

These pain-in-the-ass-and-ears hikers tend to complain way too much about anything from being exhausted from the weight of their backpack to how steep the climb is. It’s one thing to be discouraged, but constant whining is a completely different story. But hey, you signed up for it. What did you expect? 

2. The walking Bluetooth DJ

Oof. Now this is next-level. It’s no coincidence that every one of these hikers who full blast their Bluetooth all have a weird taste in music. At least it wouldn’t be THAT annoying if the music is good. In my experience so far, NONE of ‘em are good.

hikers that deserve a mute button

And in case you haven’t noticed, they’re usually alone. And we all know why.

3. The podcast host wannabes

These are one of those hikers who talk a little too loud. They’re usually not negative but boy, when they speak…they’re loud, they don’t stop and no one cares!!! As the saying goes:Podcast meme

Granted, I’ve come across a few who actually had pretty educational conversations. Now those are fine! But wow, when some people talk about the most random things out loud, they might as well just record it and put it up on Spotify.

4. The slow walkers who don’t give way

Everyone’s got their own pace but holy shit, GET OUT OF THE WAY!!! We’re out here trying to hit the peak before it gets hotter and BOOM, there goes the sloth dudes from Zootopia blocking the way. Ugh!

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5. The litter bugs

Sometimes you just wanna smack ’em with a hiking stick when you spot a litter bug dumping trash on the trails however they see fit. C’mon, just keep it in your pockets or backpack till you find a trash can. It’s not that hard! LEAVE NO TRACE!!!

Way too loud, and it gets worse when they’re hiking near you at the exact same pace as you. Absolute pain!

6. The lying “10 more minutes” motivator

This is that one guy in the group who motivates everyone… by LYING. Not exactly the most annoying, but they always give you that false sense of hope! 

“C’mon, just a little bit more. 10 more minutes and we’re there!!!”

*actually 10 minutes later*

“Let’s go! Almost there! 10 more minutes!”

*another 600 seconds later*

“Just 10 more! C’mon!”

Bruh, stop lying to us!

But, ya know, if you’re looking to gift that motivator friend of yours something to remind you of his favourite quote without him having to utter a single word to save your ears from suffering, you can go ahead and get em our “10 minit lagi” t-shirt right here!

7 Types of Annoying Hikers you Meet On the Trails, PTT Outdoor, ptt shirt back,

7. The know-it-all who needs a mute button

We all love learning, but there’s always one of those hikers you meet on the trails who tells you things not to educate you, but to flex their vast knowledge upon you for whatever reason. They often talk about stuff that no one wants to hear or know about, like how there are more trees on Earth than there are stars in the universe. AND. THEY. DON’T STOP.

So, have you encountered any of these hikers? Or is there more you think should be on this list? Let us know!

And while we’re at it, feel free to check out our hiking checklist in case you don’t wanna forget things when you’re prepping for your next hike. 


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One thought on “7 Types of Annoying Hikers you Meet On the Trails

  1. Jack Salman Mohd Tahir says:

    True as hell.. I’m looking if there any possible way how to prevent myself from hurting these people.. And that’s the reason why I camp alone and it is sure not because I’m doing any these kind of things, but I can’t stand being with these kind of people..

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