Next up on the relax agenda after a refreshing hammam experience is a cup of coffee – Turkish to be exact.

Regarded as an integral part of the Turkish cultural heritage, the nation’s beloved beverage is an art by itself due to the special preparation and brewing techniques involved. Turkish coffee is recognised across the world, but have you heard of Turkish sand coffee?

turkish coffee
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Turkish sand coffee is similar and as rich as Turkish coffee except that it is uniquely made using hot sand. A perfect cup of Turkish coffee needs to be brewed slowly and carefully without boiling and the sand plays an important role by providing an even and consistent heat.

turkish sand coffee
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The ingredients for both are the same – using water, finely ground coffee beans and sugar combined in a Turkish pot called cezve. However for Turkish sand coffee, the pot is placed inches deep into a hot bed of sand instead of using a stove.

Once it starts to heat in the sand, the mixture is gently stirred to ensure all coffee grounds are evenly distributed to avoid lumps. Then, keep an eye on the mixture until it is nearly boiling. During this process, you will notice a layer of foam building up as the mixture darkens in colour. Scoop the thick foam into the serving cups followed by the rich coffee. Dust fine spices on the foam surface, let the grounds settle after two to three minutes and enjoy.

turkish coffee
A must try when in Turkey: Turkish Sand Coffee

When walking down the streets in Turkey, you will notice vendors removing the pot from the sand and pouring a certain amount of the coffee into the cup before submerging it into the sand again to reheat. This process is repeated a few more times before the smooth and hot drink is served.

This one-of-a-kind brewing technique is indeed a sight to behold and one that tickles curiosity. Now how would you like your coffee brewed?

Source: Turkey Tourism

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