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We have been talking about fitness for some time. It is undeniable that fitness should be a part of everyone’s life. There is no colour, race, religion, beliefs, background, or size to fitness. Fitness is the same for everyone and everywhere. It is just about being fit and being the best version of yourself.

However, if you have kept a good distance from fitness, it might look like you need to move mountains to finally be a fit person. Well, here’s the truth. You do not need to move mountains.

All you have to do is start. The first step you take will bring you closer to fitness. After all, as per Lao Tzu’s words of wisdom, ‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’. It will be a  trying journey but with the right motivation and an effective plan, you will be well on your way towards your goal.

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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step- Lao Tzu

When you start, the first problem you will face is understanding some of the terms related to fitness. Some of these fitness jargons have been around for a very long time while some are new to the fitness scene.

To ensure you are not confused halfway through your training due to lack of understanding of a certain fitness term, it is wise to learn the meaning of the terms, once and for all.

Fitness Jargons

  1. Aerobic Exercise
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Aerobic exercises are great for burning fat

Aerobic training are workouts that causes your heart rates to go high and uses oxygen to produce energy. Cardiovascular activities or popularly known as cardio focuses on rhythmic activities for a sustained period. Aerobic exercises make your heart go crazy and makes you pant uncontrollably.

Examples of aerobic activities are running, walking, elliptical and swimming, among many others. These activities involve large group of muscles and are most effective when done for longer than 15 minutes.

Said to be the most effective form of exercise to burn off fat, cardio activities or aerobic training is also the most common for of exercise among people of all ages. This is because aerobic training can be done anywhere and without any tools.

In schools, aerobic exercises are the most common since they are the most convenient forms of exercise when it involves a large number of people.

  1. Anaerobic Exercise
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Enhance strength, speed and power through anaerobic exercises

Anaerobic exercises uses glucose instead of oxygen to produce energy. This happens because the demand for energy during anaerobic exercises is exceptionally high. Anaerobic exercises are brief intense physical activity where the body is forced to break down glucose.

Examples of anaerobic exercises are weight lifting and sprints. These types of exercises builds and maintains lean muscle mass, boosts metabolism, increases bone strength and density and greatly enhances strength, speed and power.

  1. Boot Camp
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Tough but effective

Boot camps are often associated with military-style training and true to that association, boot camps are tough. Boot camps involve both cardio and strength exercises. The aim of boot camps is to build strength and enhance fitness.

Cardio activities such as running are often followed by intense explosive exercises such as push-ups, squats and sit-ups during boot camps.

  1. Cross Training
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Cross training results in better performance

Cross training refers to mixing and matching different types and methods of training. Cross training gives way to a balanced workout plan rather than focusing on one type of workout only.

Usually, cross trainings are done to enhance performance. For instance, a runner should also practise yoga to increase muscle flexibility which will then aid recovery after long distance running.

Cross training has been proven to increase performances of athletes as it creates a well-rounded sports person.

  1. HIIT
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High intensity interval training boosts the power of the body and mind

HIIT is the short form of high intensity interval training. HIIT is done for short period of time but incorporates moves that are aimed to get your heart rate booming instantly. HIIT is a great form of exercise to burn fat effectively.

For those who lack the time to exercise, HIIT is the solution to build strength and to burn fat since calories are burn even long after you are done exercising.

HIIT alo involves rest periods. A common HIIT exercise involves 30 seconds of active rest such as walking or jogging, 30 seconds of sprinting and repeating these seven more times resulting in a total of eight rounds.

  1. Strength Training
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Strength training incorporates weights and prevents muscle loss

There are two types of strength training namely, dynamic strength training and static strength training. Dynamic strength training focuses on strengthening the muscle via full range motion while static strength training involves muscle contraction without any joint movement.

Examples of dynamic strength training moves are sit-ups, bench press, weightlifting and leg press. Meanwhile, examples of static strength training moves are holding dumbbells above your head and wall squats.

In general, strength training works specific muscle groups against resistance. It also prevents the loss of lean muscle mass due to aging.

Strength training will also reduce body fat and increase lean muscle. Apart from having a leaner body, your metabolism will also be firing away even while you are at rest. This will work well in your favour if you are looking forward to shed some weight and gain some power.

  1. Tabata
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Short, fast and effective

Tabata has gained popularity in recent times. Tabata exercise involves 20 seconds of hard work followed by 10 seconds of rest. This circuit is repeated eight times for a period of four minutes.

Tabata exercises are great for burning fat and highly efficient for those who struggles to exercise due to lack of time. The key for an efficient Tabata workout is to give all that you have got during the four minutes you have committed to Tabata.

These are a handful of fitness jargons that will make you more informed. Many of these jargons carry meanings which are very close to one another. Hence, it is crucial to know the specific meanings. This will make way for better understanding and enable you to explore more of the fitness world.


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