Hiking is one of the best activities if you want to experience the mountains and see the real beauty that resides in the hilly areas. There are many amazing hiking places in the world but the beauty that you will find in Kuala Lumpur is unmatchable. There are many tourists that visit KL ever year to hike and enjoy the scenic beauty that resides in the mountains.

There are many amazing hiking places in Kuala Lumpur that selection of the best one can get really confusing. By looking at the online pictures you might select a place but if it preferred by tourists you are going to find a crowded area which means that you might not get the chance to enjoy hiking the way that you want.

Having complete information about the hiking places in KL is very important to find the perfect place that will meet your requirements. Here we have the complete comparison of the some of the best hiking places in Kuala Lumpur that you should consider during your trip.

1 . Bukit Gasing Forest Park

The Ultimate Guide to Hiking Places in Kuala Lumpur, PTT Outdoor, bukit gasing,

It is one of the most famous hiking places in Kuala Lumpur. You will notice that most of the time residents are present in the park because they love enjoying the hike. Some of the amazing features that you should know are: –

  1. There are 6 different trails in the park and all of them will help you reach the top of the hill
  2. It will take 1 hour and 45 minutes to reach the top
  3. There are no signboards and while hiking you can either reach the watchtower or the Hindu temple
  4. Once you reach the top of the hill you will get a chance to enjoy the scenic view
  5. It is steep but there are several steps left by the previous hikers. You can also relax on the benches provided on your path.


The Ultimate Guide to Hiking Places in Kuala Lumpur, PTT Outdoor, broga,

Tourists are in love with this hill because it provides you the chance to experience the true beauty of the KL. It is the most exciting hiking places in KL that will provide you a chance to reach the top of three different hills. If you are planning to see the sunrise, the first two peaks will be the best choice. Here you can enjoy the sunrise as well as the foliage and township. However, if are planning to have some extra fun assure that you challenge yourself and start climbing the 3rd peak that has many big rocks. The first two hills take 45 minutes but for the third one, there is no time limit because it depends on your strength that how quickly you will climb the tracks.


The Ultimate Guide to Hiking Places in Kuala Lumpur, PTT Outdoor, bisho,

It is the most beautiful hiking places in KL. It is filled with the rainforest that makes it a perfect place for nature lovers. Here you will get a chance to experience a lot of foliage, trees, flowers, and much more. You must assure that you know how to protect yourself from some of the minor animals because thing might get a little out of hands when there are trees and buzzing noises all around you. Once you reach the top of the mountain you can enjoy the scenic view.

You can end your trail at the Muar cottage. It is the most beautiful spot of the hike where you can take some memorable pictures. There are many amazing spots on your way towards the top. However, it is better that you keep hiking and do not stop because there are no decent places where you can wait to catch your breath. As well as the more you will stop the longer it will take to reach the top as well as you will not get the chance to view the natural beauty of the sunlight. At night the place can get a little more dangerous, so it is better that you return before the sunset.


The Ultimate Guide to Hiking Places in Kuala Lumpur, PTT Outdoor, Saga,

This is a beautiful trail. The entry points to the hill are the same as the landing points. There are two entry points and you can select the one that you like the most. As you will move upwards the hill will become steep and so from easy to difficult hiking will become more fun. You will enjoy as your move upwards because the environment and beauty will change. In this way, your body will be trained according to the trail and as you will move upwards it will get easier for you to reach the top. While you are moving assure that you keep your eyes open for the flora and fauna on the way. You never know you might get the chance to discover the beautiful species that you have never seen before. There are many amazing spots and forests that you will find during your hike. It will be a day well spent that you will never forget. Assure to use a guide map on your way to the top so that you will not get lost.


If you have been to any of these hiking places in Kuala Lumpur make sure that you change your destination this time to have a better experience. Remember that hiking is not all about the location and mountain range. There are many other things that you need to consider. Before visiting your favorite hiking places in KL you have to assure that you have all the hiking equipment with you because that is the only way you can have the best time without getting injured. Assure that you buy the best quality hiking experience so that you will easily climb the mountains.

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