Flight tickets are a big portion of your travel budget. In fact, whenever you ask someone why they are not visiting a country, usually “expensive flight ticket” would be the reason. Seriously, don’t let the price of flight ticket stop you. Read on as we unveil a secret hack that a handful of travelers use to buy cheap flight tickets every single time! Yes, I repeat, cheap flight tickets every single time!

So, let’s begin. When you are planning a trip, you will never know which month and which airline would offer cheap flight tickets, right? This hack will tell you exactly both the most important information!

  1. Step 1, go to www.skyscanner.com.my

skyscanner main website

This will be their main page. Notice that you can choose your destination and flight time.

2. Choose your destination and for Depart/Return, choose the “CHEAPEST MONTH” option. For the sake of example, I will choose Yogyakarta as my destination. I went there two months ago and the ticket costs me RM480 with AirAsia for a return trip. I SANDBOARDED THERE TOO! Let’s see how much better we fare this time. Enter the info and click on “Search Flight”.

skyscanner options

3. You will be led to a page with a calendar like the one you see below. The beautiful thing about the calendar is that it will show you the cheapest month and how much the cheapest flight will cost on different days! Just choose the lowest number like I did. The price for a return flight from Kuala Lumpur to Yogyakarta only cost RM281, almost half of what I paid before I found out about this method! Once you are done, click “Show Flights”

skyscanner 3

4. The next page shows you the airlines, flight time and flight prices. Choose the one you fancy and click select once you have made your choice:

Skyscanner 4

5. Oh! There seems like a small increase of RM2.22 for the price, no biggie, I will carry on with the order. You will be led through the below two screens:

skyscanner 5

Skyscanner 6

6. And here I am at AirAsia’s website. After choosing my preferred flight time, this is the cost (not inclusive of RM20 insurance) which sounds about right.

skyscanner 7

From here, you can proceed to book as per you usually do and enjoy your cheap flight tickets. This is also another easier way to make sure that you get to plan your dates early. Oh one more thing, if you want them to notify you when the tickets are cheaper within your selected dates, you can do it here:

cheap flight tickets 3

Remember this screen? Once you have selected your desired date, click on “GET PRICE ALERT” and then key in your email in the pop-up box:

cheap flight tickets 5

Whenever there is a price reduction in the price ticket for your desired destination on your desired date, an email will be sent to you informing you of the DEAL that you can get, so you don’t have to worry about checking the websites every day.

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