My Review on Wake Up Homestay Yogyakarta

As a bagpackers, I choose hostels most of the time, for obvious reasons: It’s cheaper and you get to meet more people! Hotels are a bit too “cold” for me but I do get my fix every now and then. Not going to be an extremist there. During my trip in Yogyakarta, one of the place I stayed in was Wake Up Homestay Yogyakarta, a beautiful hostel catered for backpackers that is located 5 minutes away from the main street of Malioboro. Fully air conditioned upon entering, the place gives you a really comfortable feeling the moment you goes through their door. It’s no surprise why their ratings on Agoda are exceptionally high.

lobby wake up homestay yogyakarta
Fully conditioned lobby of Wake Up Homestay

Facilities in Wake Up Homestay Yogyakarta

  • Locker – GREAT SIZE (fits BOTH 65L and 25L Deuter Bagpack together)
  • Fast Wifi – personally tested it
  • Fully air conditioned facility including the lobby
  • Breakfast provided for guest – they invested in chocolate spread as well…. 
  • Filtered water at the lobby
  • Mini library – in the midst of expansion, there are not much books yet
  • Food, massage, laundry service are all within 3 minutes of walking
  • Tea all day long
  • Rooftop chill out area
  • Saturday free events! – they will bring guests on off the beaten paths adventures on Saturdays for free
book rack wake up homestay yogyakarta
Lobby area where guests can chill with a book and a tea

The Room & Bed

I booked a bed in a 10 person dorm for RM35 per night (which was a really great deal considering the comfort that I got). Confession: I am very afraid of bedbug, so I tend to check the bed before I jump on it. The beds in Wake Up Homestay actually looks new! Perfectly clean, comfortable, springy bed greets me when I went into the dormitory with clean towels on top of it. They even provide comforter for their beds! Not a mere blanket but a thick comforter. I admit that they really go out on a limb to ensure the tenant’s comfort.

bed wake up homestay yogyakarta
Comforter, springy bed and clean towel. It’s amazing how little we need when we travel

I did mention that they have a great size for their locker and it’s something that is really important for a lot of guest considering how some travel for a really long time and they need a spacious locker to keep everything in. For me as well considering my 65L Deuter bagpack can be really bulky sometimes.

Why I like the place?

  • The staffs are real friendly. In fact, after we went on a short Saturday trip together, they are not staffs anymore. They are actually friends now and I can see myself finding them again if I ever drop by to Yogyakarta
  • Speedy wifi is always a must for me to catch up with my work and I love to work at lobbies. I like how their lobby is a closed area and their aircond is kept on all the times. Creates a perfect environment for me to work and I don’t have to head out and find a cafe to work at.
  • Their location is so near to everything! Food, massage places and laundry are all one street crossing away.

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  • They provide tour packages as well and are really honest with their recommendations. I took my Mount Merapi tour with them and it went all so well.
  • Stefanus, the owner, is one of the friendliest guy I ever met! He was smiling all the time and he made the hostel experience very homey for a solo traveler like myself.

If you are ever dropping by to Yogyakarta and you are looking for a clean place in the middle of town, I’d recommend you this place. Please say hi on my behalf to Stefanus, Kalang, Yudith and Feri! 😀 You can check the rates for Wake Up Homestay Yogyakarta at Agoda. Or just click the button below, it’ll lead you there.

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