If some of you love to be outdoors all the time and enjoy the beautiful sceneries of nature or view distant landscapes, probably those who are at high altitudes then a hydration backpack is a must-have gadget for you. For those who aren’t familiar with what a hydration backpack is, let’s have a brief introduction;

What is a Hydration Pack?

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It is a built-in hydration system encapsulating water in rubber or flexible reservoir. The pipe connects the water inlet with the hose and capped mouth at the end of the reservoir allows the user to drink water hands-free.

Choosing a Hydration Pack
When selecting for a hydration backpack following things must be kept in mind;
1. Build Quality Type
2. Capacity
3. Overall Fitting
4. Additional Features

Build Quality Type
Analyzing the build of these backpacks can do half of the job of choosing the right gadget for you. Generally, these backpacks come into different categories, but the general ones are;

  • Hydration Backpacks
  • Hydration Waistpacks

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These backpacks can be used for various outdoor activities especially the ones we undertake in Malaysia like running, cycling or hiking. Every category has a particular type of design crafted to ensure the best possible performance. However, all of them include a standard feature which is the pre-installed water reservoir or a special drinking bottle if you buy the running hydration backpack. The overall build quality might vary depending upon the type of backpack you buy; however, the hiking pack is more robust and made by rigid terrestrial fiber which makes it more famous and lovable among the audience.


How to choose the Hydration Packs, PTT Outdoor, ,

The capacity of overall hydration pack may vary depending upon nature, water retention and extra gear you have to carry with you. Surely, you don’t want to add too much weight over your shoulders that’s why try to come to terms with the one you think would be lightweight and cover you’re the basic needs of your experience. Keeping under consideration the factors mentioned above the backpack which can hold just the perfect amount of water to carry on with your trip and also have extra space to accommodate your gadgets is considered the most optimum choice.

Remember the purpose here is not to fill it up and carry on with your hydration backpack and look like a pro where in reality you are suffering. That is why only choose the right backpack which coincides with your needs.

Overall Fitting
The fitting of the hydration backpack is calibrated according to the torso length of the customers. That is why it comes in various fits suitable for a diverse variety of customers. The available fittings include;

  • Torso Length
  • Waist Size
  • Women-specific hydration backpack
  • Youth-specific hydration backpack

However, the main highlight is the overall ease and comfort of the customer and padded elevations against the shoulder provides extensive support to a variety of customers. And the adjustable suspension makes it easier to adjust the overall fitting according to fit your trunk.

Additional Features

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A different mix of relevant features would be considered as vital when choosing a perfect hydration backpack for yourself. These features should include ease in water filling, drinking and cleaning of the reservoir. Also, wide mouth opening at the end of the cap shouldn’t go amiss. Multiple divisions of space could also be considered essential to shove away multiple types and natures of gear and also to accommodate clothing to make it an “All Purpose” hydration backpack.

The weather add-ons especially the raincoat or rain cover could be plus point or the necessity over your decision list which provides essential support especially for the weather here at Malaysia.

Keep the highlights mentioned above in your mind when buying for the hydration backpack, don’t try to get the most out of it. Choose the one which suits you best against your requirements. Happy Travels!


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