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Hammocks are such beauty that a camping trip cannot be completed without it. The hammocks take the camping experience to the whole new levels and provide you with a perfect spot to hang out. The desire of sleeping under the stars can be fulfilled with the help of a hammock, however, it is not always easy to select a hammock due to the varying qualities. You should be conscious of your needs and wants when selecting a hammock. Here are some tips to consider in order to choose a hammock :


The different sizes in which the hammocks are available are single and double. The single hammocks have a width of 4 to 5 feet. As it is lightly weighted as compared to the double hammock, it is a better option for backpacking but it does not provide spacious lounging or sleeping experience.

The double hammock width ranges from 5 to 6 feet. While providing a better sleeping experience, it also provides the option for two people to share the hammock.

The length of the hammock has to be two feet longer than the person’s height and it should be of heavy-duty fabric that consists of a good number of deniers.

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You may need some of the accessories for the hammock, though most accessories work with any brand of the hammock but must sure to read the product instructions.

  • Suspension system:
    Though most of the hammocks come with the karabiners the tree straps which are the suspension system are often purchased separately. Make sure to buy the tree straps of 0.75 inches in width as thinner straps damage the trees.
  • Under quilt:
    If the hammock does not have any insulation then you will feel cold while sleeping. A great option is to slide a sleeping pad into the hammock. A separate under quilt is warmer and will keep you comfortable.
  • Rain trap:
    It hangs above the hammock and the taut pitch is maintained by the guidelines. Bigger models of the rain trap provide better protection.
  • Bug net:
    The 360-degree protection bug nets are the best as they also provide protection for the back of the hammock. Also, make sure that the bug net has no-see-um netting so the pests remain away of it.

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Hammock tents and sleep systems

Most people consider hammock sleep tents for the camping instead of the traditional tents. It provides a complete different sleeping experience that most people like while some do not.

The hammock tents will provide you many benefits such as it do not need leveled ground for setup, the ultralight options are better and more compact than the tents, hammock tents are cooler than the traditional tents and it has less impact on ground vegetation.

Apart from these benefits, the hammock tents cannot be established where there are no trees and it also does not provide maximum protection against cold or rain. It is also not preferable for two or more than two persons.


We hope this tips will be a useful guide for you to choose your hammock. And remember to always be safe.

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