Bhumi Hostel Yogyakarta: Not Just A Hostel, But A Home

My first stay in Yogyakarta was in Bhumi Hostel, a homey hostel started by two young individuals who refused the corporate life and decided to start something that they are actually passionate about creating a home away from home for travelers in Yogyakarta.

My flight was a bit delayed and it was getting dark but I was surprised at how easy and cheap it is to get to the hostel by bus! I took the Trans-Yogya bus 3B (which costs IDR3600) and it took me directly 100m away from Bhumi Hostel. When you get on the bus, tell them “Lapangan Karang” and they will know where to drop you off. Once dropped off, walk towards the North-East direction of your drop-off point. Your home away from home is right there, in the form of a Bhumi Hostel.

Bus stop at lapangan karang
Bus stop at Lapangan Karang. Once disembarked from the bus, walk North East. That’s where Bhumi Hostel is.

I was welcomed by Jack Reza, one of the members of Bhumi Hostel and immediately I felt at home already. Warm gestures, warm introductions and warm drinks make you feel like you are not in a foreign country. He speaks perfect English as well so don’t worry about not getting the correct information or directions.

Facilities found in Bhumi Hostel

  • Warm shower – trust me, it’s a blessing
  • Clean water all day long
  • Tea and coffee all day long
  • Tour booking services
  • Home gym – I love how they have dumbells at the lawn
  • Scooter rental
  • Fast wifi – Tested by yours truly

The thing about Bhumi Hostel is….:

I can’t stress enough how homey it is! The first night I was there and there were about 12 of us there at the hostel, guys and girls from different places in the world. We sat and we chat like how close friends or family would when they meet each other. I personally love meeting new people when I travel and hostels are always my no.1 choice when it comes to accommodation for reasons such as above!

Heck, in fact, Jack was giving on of the guest a HAIRCUT! I kid you not: (it’s his first time by the way)

bhumi hostel haircut

Bhumi Hostel - Haircut
Jack the Barber doing his thing

I need to stress the fact that they provided curtains for their beds as well, for privacy is also a blessing. It’s small little gestures like these that make your stay at one place more comfortable and memorable.

bhumi hostel dorm
Curtains for privacy are provided for both the male and female dorms

There are two areas where you can sit and chill, the indoor ones and the outdoor ones. Well cleaned up and well-spaced, Bhumi Hostel provides ample personal workspace for guests. I personally like sitting outdoors amongst the greens and getting some work done over a cuppa.

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Outdoor area for guests. And yes, the “gym” is here as well!
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Indoor working area where breakfast is usually served.

There are definitely many hostels in Yogyakarta but Bhumi Hostel is one that I would definitely recommend to anyone who’s reading my posts and is visiting Yogyakarta soon. If you want a homey place where you can meet a lot of travelers alike, choose Bhumi Hostel, trust me on that. In fact, they have really good ratings on Agoda as well (check their ratings here)

During a conversation with Jack on the second night of my stay, he explained that the team members of Bhumi Hostel would sometimes rent a car and ferry the guests to the market together. They will buy raw ingredients for dinner together as a Bhumi Family and have a dinner cooking session at home afterward, where everyone gets to sit and eat together.

Since there were only three of us in the hostel during my second night of stay (most had to leave to catch a flight), we ordered takeaways and still had dinner together, like a family.

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Hessel, Jack and myself with our takeaway Gudeg’s for the night

Why do I like this place?

  • Great hosts, definitely one that I would remember for a long time
  • Great location – local food is only 100m away from where you stay
  • Clean comfortable bed and most importantly, clean bathroom
  • Great cooking! – they serve meals for breakfast, not just bread and butter
  • People that I meet – it’s hard not to miss a place when you have met people that touched your lives

The bed rates start from as low as RM35 per night and I think you can get some pretty good discounted rates at Agoda during the promotion. Just do a google search for “Bhumi Hostel Agoda” or make it easier by clicking the button below:

Agoda Button

If you are staying in Bhumi Hostel anytime soon, please say hi to Jack for me and please feed the dogs there on my behalf. They are the dearest things ever!


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