Working out is always easy. It is the getting off the bed or couch that is hard.

Every time there is a post in social media, you do not waste time in sharing the post, bookmarking the article, searching endlessly in YouTube for workout videos that best suits your fitness level and interest and make a fitness plan.

However, when the time comes for you to walk the talk, you fail miserably. Instead of charging through the workout as you have planned, you would be hoping for it to rain, finding excuses to skip the workout or just sleep through the scheduled workout time.

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Gulity of doing this?

Worry not, this happens to many of us and there is a reason why you find it difficult to take the first step towards a healthy lifestyle. Instead of berating yourself or punishing yourself for not sticking to the workout plan, why not you find it why you act the way you do. This will help you to identify the problem and get rid of it, once and for all.

The good news is, we have done the work and found the problem. The problem is your MIND. Yes, it is your mind that prevents you from pursuing your plans. Well, it is high time you tell your mind who is the fitness BOSS!

The power of mind

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Brain, the most powerfool tool of humankind

The mind is a miraculous motivator and contradictingly, a fantastic spirit downer. The first day of your fitness plan, you would be unstoppable. You would wake up, get dressed, go to your neighbourhood gym, the running track, the yoga studio and work like a beast for the rest of your workout.

The same you, fifteen days later would be finding all the reasons to not hit the mat and work out. What contributed to the change in behaviour? Why the same you with the same resolution refused to stick to the plan?


How to be your own fitness BOSS?

Even the most professional of athletes have their bad days and find it  difficult to get out of their bad. But, they control their mind and do what is supposed to be done. Here are 4 tips to take control of your mind and be your own fitness BOSS!

  1. Set a clear goal
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Set clear and precise goals to steer you towards success

A goal will guide you to stay on track. However, the trick is to set a goal that is clear and big enough to scare you. Set a goal that challenges your comfort zone boundaries. A goal that is big and scary will be the pushing factor that gets you off the couch, every single day. For instance, instead of signing up for a 10K race, sign up for a full marathon.

On the contrary, setting a goal that is timid and unmeaningful will lead to laziness and consequently, you would never get off your couch. When your mind is challenged, it will be difficult to succumb to laziness and you will be forcing yourself to stick to your fitness regime.

  1. Take it slow
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Slow and steady wins the race

When you first start working out or making a comeback after a hiatus, it is crucial to not be hard on yourself at first. It would be unreasonable if you want to be able to run 10K or to do 100 burpees at one go on the first day of workout.

Be mindful to focus on your body and your training regime. Never be pressured to do what your friend is doing or to follow the pace of your treadmill neighbour. This is because your body is different than others and you need to follow the needs and requirements of your own body and fitness level.

This step is crucial to prevent being demotivated just because you are unable to do what you think your body should have done or what your friend has achieved. Even if your progress is slow, you should stay on track and keep going towards your big goal.

  1. Be selfish
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Maintain a healthy circle of friends

Put fitness on op of your priority list. During the early stages of getting acquainted to the fitness world, it is easy to get influenced from external factors. This is when you need to say fitness first.

It would also help to be in a circle of people who have similar interest. Find friends who are dedicated to fitness and hang out with them. Highly likely, your hang out spot would be the gym at most times.

  1. Never give up
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Giving up is not an option anymore

No matter what, never give up. There might be days you succumb to the television and skip your workout. But, be sure to make up for it the next day. There will be days you go crazy with the chips. But, be sure to eat more veggies the next day. Never give up and go back to the old you.

Sometimes, there would be no progress. You would be stuck at 6K or you would try the headstand for the hundredth time and still fail. All you would have to do is put on your running shoes one more time and keep running. All you need to do is roll out the yoga at one more time and do one more headstand. Never give up.

Because hard work never fails.

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You can do it!

So, here you go. Four simple steps to make your mind listen to you. These steps will help you take control of your mind and be your own fitness BOSS.


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