So you’re at home, probably feeling awesome that you don’t have to go to the office. But jokes on you ‘cause if you’re working from home, your house IS your office. 

Working from home is actually a good thing, but the problem here is productivity. The temptation to just lie on the bed is intense. I’m gonna be real, even I’m thinking of lying on the bed to take a nap as I’m writing this. 

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Welp, we still need to get our work done. “So how do we stay productive at home?”, I hear you ask. Well’ I’ve found a few ways that are effective. And I can assure you, as a master procrastinator myself, you’ll know these methods worked if you’re reading this. 

Choose a good working space

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Wherever this may be, it’s really up to your personal preference. It can be your own room, the dining table or even the toilet. But with a good setup and a right amount of space, you can turn any place into an office.

Avoid working from your bed

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Ah yes, everyone’s favorite spot. And it’s also the spot that’s the most likely to make you feel sleepy. Working in the same place you sleep’s gonna make you think more about taking a nap than your task at hand. And there goes your focus. Once you fall asleep, you better start praying the next phone call you receive is not your boss asking where that report is.

Avoid places you’ll be tempted or distracted

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This means anywhere near your TV, your PS4 or whatever it is that can REALLY distract you. Save it for later. You’ve got plenty of time at night.

Have a good chair to sit on

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No, not one of those plastic chairs you see in your local kopitiam that you miss going to. I’m talking about them office chairs. You get a comfortable seat, a good posture and reduced back pain. If you have one, use it!

Noise cancelling headphones

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Here’s something I always use while working. It cancels out practically every background noise, which helps you focus. But don’t just turn the noise cancellation on, play some tunes! It feels uncomfortably deafening if you’ve got a pair of noise cancelling headphones on without any music playing. If you’ve got kids, a pair of these headphones will be your greatest saviour.

Skip the chores if possible

A big benefit of working from home is that you’ll finally have a valid excuse to tell your mom or wife that you don’t wanna do the chores. 

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Jokes aside, If you were to multitask with your work AND housework, you’re gonna get tangled, If you’re working from home, try to treat it like your office. Let’s be honest, will you mop the floor and do your laundry in your office? Prioritize on work, and then do the chores if you have the time.

Don’t over-isolate

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Working alone may have its benefits. Lesser conversations let you get more work done. But you’ll eventually start to notice that a lack of interaction can be a little boring. You’ll start to miss the water cooler talks in the office. But hey, WhatsApp exists. USE IT. Talk with your colleagues, your friends, anyone! 

Make a schedule and stick to it

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Planning out your day and sticking to it is one of the best ways to avoid distractions. And don’t just put work-related tasks in your schedule. Establish when to eat, when to take a break and when to clock out. Speaking of breaks…  

Take a break

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Sometimes we gotta take a breather and go for a walk… just not outside. Or you could browse around Instagram and Facebook to see the many creative ways to keep yourself amused amidst the partial lockdown. Or just have fun with your pets. Don’t just focus on work. Remember to have fun too.    



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