7 Reasons Why You Should NOT Visit Ipoh, PTT Outdoor, Ipoh Adventures,

Ever heard of Ipoh, the so-called boring sleepy town. I mean, no offense, but personally, even I don’t see a reason why anyone would want to visit Ipoh!

Here’s my list of 7 reasons why you should NOT visit Ipoh:

1. Ipoh is far away and hidden. It’s so difficult to reach! 

Tiger airway

I mean, it’s one and a half hours from Singapore by flight! And one hour forty-five minutes from Penang by car! Or two hours from KL by train! That’s so far!
2. The only thing popular here are the bean sprout chicken! There’s no other variety!

7 Reasons Why You Should NOT Visit Ipoh, PTT Outdoor, food in perak,
Image credit: vkeong.com

Yeah, I feel you there. There’s only, bean sprout chicken in here! Can you imagine eating that every day?

3. And for my Muslim friends, there is no HALAL food that is popular here!

Ipoh Food (Malay)
From Left: Nasi Ganja, Mee Kari Daud Jasak and 21 Grilled Burger

None! The town is so unfair towards the Muslims!

4. There’s no adventure at all around Ipoh!

7 Reasons Why You Should NOT Visit Ipoh, PTT Outdoor, Ipoh Adventures,
Image credit: ipohecho.com.my

It can be so boring sometimes I fall asleep just sitting in this town. Like, literally, drop and sleep.

5. And worst, there’s no interesting place to stay in Ipoh.

7 Reasons Why You Should NOT Visit Ipoh, PTT Outdoor, stay,
From Left: Sekeping Kong Heng, The Banjaran Hotspring & M-Boutique Hotel

Not only that, Ipoh is filled with run-down cheap hotels! I don’t know how anyone can stay here!

6. There is ZERO nightlife in Ipoh. Where do I even get a drink?

7 Reasons Why You Should NOT Visit Ipoh, PTT Outdoor, nightlife in ipoh,
Image credit: theipohguide.com

And the legend goes that most of the Ipoh people are asleep at 10 pm. Max.
7. There’s not much cultural history in Ipoh.

From Left: Concubine Street, Ipoh Railway Station & Birch Memorial Tower
From Left: Concubine Street, Ipoh Railway Station & Birch Memorial Tower

None at all. It’s like the town comes out of nowhere one day and everyone just calls it what it is.


Have your own reason why people “shouldn’t” visit Ipoh? Tell us in the comments section below. 

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34 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why You Should NOT Visit Ipoh

  1. marc dude says:

    Perak has a lot of country side and a laid back life and explore places around Ipoh. Food is no doubt the main magnetic besides that there are the beaches only a hour and half.Not forgetting Cameron Higlands. If you want shopping and night life like the big city ,this is wrong place to come to.
    So stick to urban jungle if that is what you like …. dude.

  2. Anonymous says:

    ah ipoh boring la..takde ape yg best..malam2 takde hiburan kat ktm ipoh,takde org busking kat dataran ipoh,tak buleh main padang malam2 kat padang polo,kat kinta riverfornt pon takde tempat best,muzium die ceruk kat pekan ipoh, tempat utk org seni mcm port ( people of remarkable talent ) pon takde,tempat makan tak sedap.dahla tak sesak macam kat keyel..boring ah lepak ipoh..=)

  3. laila says:

    i love ipoh because of its limestone hills..just love the view..love the food too..

    born and raised in ipoh..but there still a lot to explore..

  4. Jiho says:

    Looking at how you judge Ipoh with little descriptions, you must have not done enough research on her. Yes, Ipoh is a small city and many people, like you, would have complain about how far is it to go there. Well, you were comparing between KL and Penang. Isn’t it further to travel forth and back between these cities, considering Ipoh is situated right in the middle of KL and Penang? Well, if you were to argue that Ipoh has only a domestic airport, not accessible by international flights as compared to Penang and KL airports, perhaps you should do a thorough research on the increase number of flights to Ipoh from overseas. Besides, Ipoh is not only famous of bean sprout chicken but many other food as well. Since you can only name one food, I will leave it to you to come and try other food before you make a biased comment. I am surprised that you mentioned there isn’t any popular halal food. To add insult to injury, that was a racist judgement on how unpopular halal food actually brings unfairness to the Muslims. From my point of view, your opinion is very shallow and ungrounded. If that is so, Penang should make the top of the list for being unfair to Muslims. They have a long list of famous Chinese food and very few halal food make it to the list. Besides, Ipoh has a very famous Nasi Ganja at Yong Suan Coffee House. A famous halal food at a Chinese restaurant. How racist could Ipohites be?
    To address to your dissatisfaction about places to live in Ipoh, you were probably too ungenerous in spending extra pennies for a more comfortable place. After that, whine about it. You probably couldn’t afford to spend lavishly for a night club too which explains why you couldn’t even get a drink here.
    Interestingly, Ipoh isn’t adventurous enough, as you claimed. If you open your eyes big enough and be a little bit observant, I guess you won’t miss the surrounding limestones, hills and rivers. There are many expeditions and jungle trekking you could do. If you are a horror fan, there are many haunted places that can bring out your adventurous mood. I was actually quite disappointed with your post and the last straw was Ipoh, not having cultural history at all. Hello, most buildings in Ipoh Old Town are colonial British buildings built in pre war era. In fact, Ipoh is one of the most celebrated cultural rich cities. In case you have not noticed, most tourist come to Ipoh for food and its cultural heritage. What is funny about your post is that your pictures actually contradict with your descriptions.
    All in all, I find that your post is biased, ungrounded, shallow, racist and intend to tarnish Ipoh’s image. Yeah, I am an Ipohite and will defend Ipoh’s image at all cost.

    • Jiho says:

      I just realised that you did that on purpose. Anyone in my position could have misunderstood. Anyway, please accept my apologies.

  5. ipohborn says:

    bless you mike. now i can enjoy all my favourite food without the hordes of tourists descending on ipoh and hopefully all the hawker prices will come down, Bless you bcos i’ve waited a long7 time for someone to tell the whole world….DON’T COME TO IPOH COS THE FOOD IS LOUSY….PLEASE. now i can enjoy my coffee at sin yoon loong without having to wait for a table.

    • Mike Chu says:

      Hello there!

      The picture is for Khoo Kongsi and also Blue Mansion in Georgetown. It’s a MUST go for Penang. The architecture is simply amazing!

      – Mike

  6. felicia says:

    Hi Mike.
    You’re right….ppl shouldn’t visit Ipoh….then us Ipoh-natives won’t ‘suffer’ from traffic jams…..hahaha….

    nice write up, by the way!

    • Mike Chu says:

      Ah the legendary traffic jams on the weekends on public holidays. But those are good for our local economy. We’ll just have to make do for the time being. 😉

      And thanks for the compliment! I appreciate your visit to our site a lot. Please do like our FB page as well, we will constantly update our writeups there. More to come!

  7. yeob says:

    1) Mat Periuk – Bercham / Tmn Desa Tambun
    2) Spoof Burger RJ Boutique – Tg.Rambutan
    3) Laksa Telur Goreng Bersarang – Bandar Seri Botani.
    4) Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa – medan gopeng
    5) Restoran Kampung Ipoh – Sunway city
    6) Eightmiles8 burger banjir – Ulu Kinta
    7) Esah Santai Cafe – Station 18
    8) Koboi Town Cafe- Tmn Chepor Impian
    9) Rowcome Corner – Sg. Rokam
    10) Gasoline Cafe – Rapat Setia
    11) Sumo Kitchen – D’Polo Catering Padang Polo
    12) The Red Western – Angsana Mall
    13) Food Projek – Sunway city
    14) D’Patin Temerloh & Grill – Stadium Ipoh
    15) Elnegra Deli Cafe – Jln Sultan Idris
    16) Gomok Cafe – Pekan Ipoh
    17) Restoran Bintara – Ampang
    18) Ipoh Kitchen Grill – Gng Rapat ( Dibuka semula 5 jun 2015)
    19) Konda Kondi – Pekan IPOH
    20) Thumbs Cafe – Greentown
    21) Karat Cafe – Greentown
    22) Manora Cafe – Meru
    23) Maggie Ketam Sham Ipoh – Tmn Meru
    24) Makan Best Ipoh cake&cafe – meru
    25) kedai kopi dulu dulu
    26) Restoran Nasi Ayam Fauziah
    27) Cherry Corner – Jelapang
    28) Sudu Garfu Cafe – Tasek
    29) Classic 253 – Stadium Ipoh/Bercham Raya
    30) Nasi Lemak Ayam Kampung – Jln Yang Kalsom
    31) Mee Udang Di Raja – Tg. Rambutan
    32) O’nine Steam Burger Ipoh – Bndr Seri Botani
    33) David Diner – Greentown
    34) 21 Griller Burger – Riverfront
    35) Sudu Cafe – Medan Gopeng
    36) Char Kuey Teaw Ketam – Tmn Ipoh Jaya
    37) Char Kuey Teaw Udang Galah – Manjoi
    38) Char Kuey Teaw Twins – Tepi Mydin Meru
    39) Nellis Dellis – Greentown
    40) Tomyam Pok Tek Kelapa Muda – Jelapang
    41) Chop² Cafe – Tg. Rambutan
    42) Next Generation Burger – sebelah kak ani bercham
    43) Mee Grg Sedap – KTM Tg. Rambutan
    44) Burger Camp – Greentown
    45) Hobo Cafe-gerbang malam
    46) Mee Kari Kak Yah – Tmn Kledang
    47) The Pots Cafe – Tmn Perpaduan
    48) Nasi Wanggey – Jln Yang Kelsom
    49) Mecca Tower Nasi Arab – Dekat Mydin Meru
    50)Kopitiam Avenue – Ipoh Parade
    51)benteng- taman cempaka
    52)nasi briyani sh saleem – jalan Kuala kangsar

  8. ady says:

    Should added more no. 3…Hahah..banyak..mee udang raja sempoi…megi ketam meru..coffe king tmn cempaka..hehehe

    • Mike Chu says:

      Yes! There are many halal food in Ipoh which is very popular as well! Might consider making a post just to introduce all the halal foods in Ipoh worth mentioning!

      • ellia says:

        My untie married and stay at ipoh many years…my untie say banyak makanan sedaplah bcous untie buka gerai juga…boleh pergi memancing lagi..shoping complex ada juga…enjoy hidup kat ipoh…my kzen baru pindah kat ipoh..makanan halal memang ada banyak juga org melayu tinggal kat ipoh…

        • Mike Chu says:

          If you need help, I’d be more than happy to assist! 🙂

          We have quite a huge variety to halal food here! 😀

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