Just like beautiful places and unique buildings, creepy cities, and abandoned hoods arouse the curiosity of travellers all over the world. There are many places which have been totally abandoned and neglected.  Over the years, an aura of creepiness envelopes these places and can give you chills right down to your bone.  Feel your hackles rising? Read on to know more about 7 creepy abandoned cities. (Don’t read this before you sleep)

  1. Pripyat, Ukraine

creepy abandoned citites - pripyat
A bird’s eye view of the abandoned city of Pripyat, Ukraine. | Photo credit: http://imgur.com/user/Transliterator

Topping the list of 7 creepy cities in the world is Pripyat, Ukraine. The Chernobyl tragedy ruined this Russian city. This booming city became a ghost down following the immediate evacuation of its dwellers. Nothing was taken when the people left as everything was contaminated. So, this town has it all but without the buzz of the people. The eerie silence is enough to make your mind wander to the times before the power plant’s meltdown.

  1. Hashima Island, Japan

creepy places - hashima island
An abandoned building within the range of Hashima Island

Next on the list of 7 creepy abandoned cities in the world is Hashima Island, Japan.  This island looks like a battleship when viewed from above and so was given the name of ‘The Battleship Island’.  Initially, the island housed coal mining facilities. When Japan made the switch to cleaner fuels, this city ceased its function and soon after, was abandoned.

  1. Varosha, Cyprus

creepy town - varosha
Ghost Resort of Cyprus | Photo credit: http://greece.greekreporter.com/

The next city on the list of 7 creepy abandoned cities in the world used to be a luxurious tourist destination. It was said that A-listed Hollywood actors used to frequent this city. What could have possibly happened to a tourist destination?  Varosha, Cyprus became a victim of military conflict and was invaded by Turkey. With the inhabitants and tourists fleeing,  followed by the fencing of the resorts and admissions being barred by Turkey government, this city turned into a ghost place.

  1. Pyramiden, Norway

creepy place - pyramiden
An abandoned swing at the town of Pyramiden

Another Russian settlement has made it into the list of 7 creepy abandoned cities in the world. Pyramiden in Norway was closed and abandoned after being sold to the Soviet Union by Sweden. Till date, tourists need to get approval to visit this place. This place is also well known for the statue of Vladimir Lenin.  Hotels are sprouting to cater the curious travellers who wander to this city.

  1. Bodie, California

7 Creepy Abandoned Cities In The World You Never Heard Of, PTT Outdoor, Bodie7,
An abandoned car in an abandoned city | Photo credit: https://stargazermercantile.com/ghost-town-bodie-california/

The term ‘ghost town’ was coined together to describe this place. Can you imagine how eerie this place must have been? Once the gold ore dried up, this town lost its charm and was abandoned. Soon, the grass started to grow upon the buildings and structures. Once, this city exuded the Wild West charm but now, all it exudes is a sheer memory of the lives of people in this city.

  1. Sanzhi Pod City, Taiwan.

creepy places- sanji
They were once called “UFO Houses as well” | Photo credit: abnf.co

This was a housing development which had UFO styled houses. Several fatal accidents and huge loss of investments caused this city a bad name. Many started to blame it on bad luck caused by bisecting a dragon statue during the construction.  Despite being a big hit among tourists, this place was demolished to give way for new developments.

  1. Kowloon Walled City, Hong Kong

creepy town - kowloon city
Night view of the “never sleeping” city in Hong Kong Photo | Credit: Business Insider

The final entry in the list of 7 creepy abandoned cities in the world is the Kowloon Walled City in Hong Kong. It used to be a densely populated city with around 33,000 residents during its ‘high point’.  Infamous for drug trafficking, prostitution, and awful sanitary conditions, the British and Chinese Government evacuated the residents.  The area was demolished and is now a verdant park.

The lives and routines of people who once lived in these cities float into the mind upon reading about these places. So, you see, creepy abandoned places are worth a visit as well.

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