Accommodations can be a big part of your travel budget and it’s something that you can’t ignore. Of course, we are not suggesting that you sleep under the bridge or beside the walkway. That would be traumatising. But our team have come up with a list of alternatives that you can consider the next time you are budgeting that trip of your, which will not burn a hole in your pocket!

1. Guest Houses

What better alternative for a hotel than a guest house? A guesthouse provides simple, affordable room minus the perks and service that you most probably don’t need of a hotel. You still get a decent sized room with a lounge to chill at most of the time, privacy in your room and even hot shower! Some guest house would even provide breakfast for you. Not only that, the best part about being in guest houses is the people. There are so many like minded individuals like yourself and are always highly approachable. Beats luxury hotel lobby with people minding their own business any day if you ask me.

Estimated price: Starts from $6

Guest houses provide travellers with a more toned down hotel feeling without taking away the comfort factor.

2. Short-Term Rental

This is not a new concept among seasoned travellers. People with a spare room in their house or in fact, some with an empty house, would rent it out on a short-term basis for travellers. Some property comes fully furnished and could cost you less than the price of a budget hotel! The best part about short-term rental accommodations is the homeliness feeling that you will get. Sometimes during your travel when you are missing the feeling of being home, this is what you should definitely opt for.

Estimated Price: Starts from $5
Suggestions: AirBnB, FlipKey

Photo Credit: AirBnB – For times when you need the comfort of being in a home

3.  Backpacker Hostels

This is one of the most common choices for solo travellers who are looking for budget accommodations. Rooms are usually shared with up to 8 or 10 bunk beds per room. The bathroom would be shared as well but most operators would keep the cleanliness level on par. There are some backpacker hostels who offers female only dorms as well, which is a privilege given to female travellers out there. Usually, personal lockers will be provided. Like budget hostels, this is a perfect platform for travellers to interact with like minded individual during their travels. You might never know who you will be meeting.

Estimated Price: Starts from $4
Suggestions: Hostelworld, Hostelbookers

Backpackers hostels nowadays: Extremely comfortable environment at a very fair price

4. Work/Volunteer Exchange

Do you know that you can actually work for your accommodation? Nope, we’re not joking. There are many places or people out there that needs volunteers to spend their time and effort in exchange for accommodations! If you have skills and expertise that matches their criteria, they will have no problem providing you with a place to stay and sometimes even your food. Work exchange is a very rewarding experience as it teaches you a new skill, provides you with an up close and personal cultural experience, gets you new friends in a foreign country and earns you a badge of honour for doing something good!

Estimated Price: $0
Suggestions: Workaway, WWOOF, HelpX

Meet new friends, learn new skills and most importantly stay for free!

5. House Sitting

Would you be surprised to find out that there are homeowners who are in need for people to take care of their accommodation while they are away on vacation or work? Well, there are! And you might be just the person that they are looking for! In exchange for accommodation, some homeowners would need you to run simple errands such as keeping the house clean, feeding the pets, watering the plants and plain just switching on the lights when night falls. During the times when you are not surrounded with chores, travel nearby! This is one of the best ways to travel and you don’t have to pay anything for your accommodation!

Estimated Price: $0
Suggestions: Mindmyhouse, Housecarers, Trustedhousesitters

Yes, there are people who are offering their accommodations in exchange of simple chores!

6. Couch Surfing

Definitely not a new term among seasoned travellers. A very large community around the world is now offering their homes and apartments to travellers for absolutely free! It could be a spare bedroom or a simple couch at the living room, but it’s enough for a traveller to get a good night rest in a safe and comfortable environment. A lot of travellers have tried this and would highly recommending couch surfing as well. If you are wondering why someone would offer you their place for free, well, there are people who want to meet new people, learn about other cultures and hear their adventure stories on the road. So if you are couch surfing and crashing at someone’s crib, be friendly! They are giving you a piece of their private space for free!

Estimated Price: $0
Suggestion: HospitalityClub, Warmshowers, CouchSurfing

Don't mind sleeping on a couch? This would be perfect for you!
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