Choosing an accommodation is deemed as an essential thing that needs to be settled off first thing in hand upon arrival or even before we start off our journey. What more can you ask, after coming back after a long day of sightseeing, you should have some space to pamper yourself before going to bed, and getting prepared for tomorrow’s big plan. If possible, try to have the habit of reserving your accommodation before you kickstart your traveller’s mode, or if there are no room available, you can always make the booking just upon your arrival. Below are four things that female travellers should look for before considering her stay in an accommodation.

  1. Safety and security

Safety issues have always become the major concern for most of the first-timers and even the professional travellers. Exceptionally, all travellers faced a lot of risks and problems along their journey to the other side of the world. But, when you are a female planning to travel solo, the frequency of the risks are doubled compared to the risks faced by the male travellers or when you are travelling in a group. The first thing to do is to use your common sense to ensure the surrounding area is safe and the front door is easily accessible, secure and stress-free. You may also want to look at the room before confirming the reservation. You can check for any peephole in the room or if safe are provided for the safety of your belongings. It is also important to check if the toilet and the in-room telephones are functioning well before you commit with the reservation.


  1. Location

For more safety precautions, you might want to make sure the location of your accommodations is as highly accessible as possible. Find the hotels or rooms that are located in a friendly neighbourhood, patrolled by the policemen and highly guarded. The lobby should be well-lit lit and constantly staffed with lobby attendants who can see the people come and go to and from the accommodation. Avoid hotels or rooms located in quiet places with dark alleys. Try to ask the receptionist about the hotel’s surrounding and condition before making any reservation. You might also want to consider an accommodation located near to the major attractions, whether close to the city or nearer to the airport. It is convenient to find a hotel located near to the convenient store, restaurant, or even the coffee shops, but it’s all up to you own preferences, so as to make sure you can stay as comfortable like when you’re in a home.


  1. Good services and amenities

While travelling, you are in fact, staying far from your comfort zone. If you are strict on budget, it is crucial to make sure the service provided by the accommodation is compatible with the price you pay for your stay. Make every penny worth. Therefore, it is recommendable to choose an accommodation that can provide you with variety options of services other than room cleaning service and laundry service, such as complimentary shuttle service, chartered car or buses, or even private drivers. Using these services, you can travel worry-free and save more time and expenditure. Other than that, you would want to make sure that the accommodation can provide you with free, unlimited Wi-Fi connection and this should be on your must-have list before considering your stay in the accommodation. Some hotels reserved a floor, especially for women. As a female traveller, you would want to contemplate on this special treatment provided by the hotel for your own well-being while staying in the hotel. Other basic amenities such as fan, heater or air conditioning should also be checked upon before considering your stay in the accommodation.


  1. Budget

You don’t want to go over-budget while travelling in case of any emergency outbreak that might end up happening during your journey. Therefore, it is crucial to choose an accommodation that fits your tight budget but still can provide all the packages as mentioned above. That is why it is important to have the habit of doing your own research and make a room reservation prior to your departure. Still, the choice is yours, and it is up to your preferences on how you define comfortable and how tolerable you can be for the accommodation you will be staying for the next 1-2 weeks of your journey at a certain location.

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3 thoughts on “Travel Tips: Accommodations for Female Travelers

  1. Amanda says:

    I really like the ideas, Safety is must for a woman. It can make you or break you. I really believe that people don’t pay much attention to the safety while traveling however they must really keep all the points you mentioned in mind while traveling and booking an accommodation.

  2. Georgia B says:

    Thanks for the tip on making sure the location is highly accessible! I’m going to be traveling on my own for the first time soon, and even though it’s a short trip I want to be certain that I’ll be safe while I’m there. I’ll be sure to find accommodations that have a well-lit lobby and in a friendly neighborhood.

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