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Affordable Outdoor Backpacks Malaysia

Simple, affordable, cool lightweight outdoor backpacks design!

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The Perfect Travel Backpacks for Preppers

The best part of camping is whittling it down to the essentials. But that doesn't mean you have to. Our best backpack is built to optimize air ventilation, so it can carry more than you would imagine without adding too much weight. Because of the water-resistant stuff, your pack can remain dry in any case. Our backpack is designed to last, with the resilience and flexibility to survive even the harshest elements in an emergency or survival situation.

Travel Backpacks Product Range

Over the years, the Travel Backpack has been enhanced with the latest and most up-to-date technology and applications. PTT Outdoors, as a registered Travel Backpacks distributor in Malaysia, offers a wide variety of Travel Backpacks, including the best-selling.

TBF Ozuko 35L Lifestyle Travel Backpack

The TBF Ozuko 35L Lifestyle Travel Backpack is a big, multipurpose travel backpack with exterior dimensions. The main compartment has a spacious interior that can house not only the most common 17-inch laptop, but also electronics and everyday essentials, and the external front pockets are large enough to store important travel accessories.

TAHAN Tactical 35L Backpack

For preppers who are packing up for travel survival, the TAHAN Tactical 35L Backpack is a perfect 3-Day attack travel backpack. Its military action architecture allows for fast movements in any risky situation, including doomsday and dystopian scenarios. In reality, the materials used to ensure the safety and protection of your survival necessities.  
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