Natural, lightweight and professional outdoor equipment

We use the beauty of nature as our inspiration in order to elevate our users daily experience advocating natural and free hiking.

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Sophisticated manufacturing and testing processes

All our products are checked and tested by professional outdoors-man, who are involved from start to finish.

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“I LOVE the sleeping bag that I received! It’s so light and so much smaller than what I’ve been using previously! Thank’s Naturehike and PTT Outdoor”


“Thanks for the amazing price! I spent less than RM200 for a beautiful sleeping bag and an AEROS air Pillow! Couldn’t be more happy!”


“Being an outdoor kinda girl, I need something light and easy to fit in my bag when I travel around, that’s where Naturehike came in and BLEW me away with their amazing range of product! I LOVE IT!”


About Naturehike

Established in 2005, Naturehike is a professional outdoor product brand. Advocating the brand concept of “light outdoor travel” and committing to provide high quality lightweight outdoor products. We are a brand enterprise business specializing in product research & development, design and manufacture. We sell hiking, climbing, camping and other outdoor sports products.

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