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Naturehike Malaysia

Lightweight and professional outdoor equipment from camping trips to running!

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Enjoy Outdoor, Enjoy Life

The Naturehike brand has been around since 2005 and focuses on not only manufacturing but also research and development of the latest outdoor equipment solutions. These are necessary business divisions that help you to stay ahead of the market, set trends, and meet consumer standards. Naturehike plans to remain in the market for the long haul, which explains its contribution to more than just the Naturehike brand.

Naturehike Lifestyle

We are inspired by the wonder of nature in order to improve our users' everyday experiences by campaigning for natural and free hiking. We are ecstatic, regardless of how long the journey is, before we have a fantastic exploration of breathtaking scenery. We hope that each consumer of Naturehike products will have a natural relaxed mentality that allows them to drive themselves to their limits and face their challenges.

Travel Lightly with Naturehike

We make outdoor gear that is natural, lightweight, and professional. Our Naturehike products go through rigorous research and packaging procedures. All of our Naturehike items are thoroughly inspected and reviewed by experienced Naturehike outdoorsmen who are interested in the process from beginning to end. The NATUREHIKE Cloud Up 2X Men Tent is one of the best outdoor tents around. It's a Naturehike outdoor tent that takes just 5 minutes to put together and can be done by one person following the procedures and directions on the inside of the outer pack.
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