1. Cloud technology 

A good recovery sandals or flip flops should be comfortable. Freeworld Flip Flop made from high grade polymer/ rubber material which absorbs impact with every step, while remaining pillow soft and super lightweight. The material usage doesn’t irritate your foot, but promotes relaxing sensation. 

2. Made to last

No need to worry about odour, water and marking sole anymore with Freeworld Flip Flop. This flip flop designed to keep your feet feeling fresher for longer with a non-marking sole, waterproof and odour resistant features.

3. Arch Support

Freeworld Flip Flop will cradle the arches, mold to their contours and not put much pressure on them. The arch support and rocking sensation design provides enhanced relief to the feet and legs through an ergonomic rebounding designed to mimic natural walking motion. 

4. Impact absorption

With extra cushioning and support to protect the feet, the Freeworld Flip Flop not only helps for foot recovery but also protect the feet from sharp objects, as well as help in weight and pressure distribution.