Eykosi 250ml Water Repellent Nano Spray

RM30.00 RM25.00

Use for: Shoes, Boots, Clothes, Textiles, Suede Leather, and etc.

NOTE: EYKOSI shipping is NOT available for Sabah/Sarawak

Features :
– Excellent waterproofing, stain proofing and oil proofing effect
– Suitable for use on almost all sorts of clothes, textiles, footwear, bags, leather materials, paper and etc.
How to use:
1. Make sure the object surface is clean and dry before spraying.
2. Shake gently before using, spray it evenly (about 10-20cm away from the object).
3. Dry it as usual under the sun (using dryer is okay)

How long will the water/dirt repellent effect will last?
– About 30-60 days for almost all sorts of shoes, clothes, textiles, suede leather and etc.
– About 60-90 days for umbrella/leather bags objects

Just Sold Out. Expect to come in 10 - 14 days.
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