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Hutan Ration Malaysia Energy Bar

Natural energy bars with selected ingredients made for the outdoors athletes!

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It's Not Just A Bar, It's A Hutan Ration Bar of Energy

The Hutan Ration energy bar has the most superfood ingredients in any bar. It contains ten ingredients, including moringa, chia seed, and sea salt. All of this aids runners in conserving energy and recovering after their race.

The Story Behind Hutan Ration Energy Bar

The Kolumpa bar was the result of a long-term relationship between Hutan Ration and the Kolumpa Sisters, Jessica Lintaga and Nama Nelson. The Sabahan sisters are well-known for their Ultra Marathon podium finishes. They've been using Moringa for energy and healing since they were kids, thanks to their mother's herbal drink made from Moringa leaves.

The Company's Background

In late 2016, Jazrul Fuad, the founder of Hutan Ration, started the company from his home kitchen. The brand movement began with a determination to create an energy bar that tastes amazing and is made entirely of halal natural ingredients. He began by making a few batches for his own hiking and mountaineering needs, but soon got calls for extras from his hiking buddies.

Hutan Ration Movement

Hutan Ration Malaysia aspires to be a source of support for the world in their pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. We have the ambition to be the world's number one halal sports nutrition brand, despite the fact that we are a young business. Hutan Ration has quickly established itself as the preferred energy bar among athletes, outdoor adventurers, and the sports and fitness community. Hutan Ration bars are now available worldwide by Sports Allied Services, the company's marketing arm.
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