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Selected Food

We sell selected foods to provide energy for people who love outdoor activities!


Invest For Your Energy

In doing outdoor activities, food is very important to keep your energy restored. In our store, we only sell selected food that can helps you to gain optimum energy. Furthermore, it is also important for your safety. Be aware of the consequences of being hungry while doing outdoor activities. You might feel sick and something bad might happens to you. Now come and choose your foods in our store!

Food Packs Product Range

In PTT Outdoor, there are many choices for you to pick. There is KEMBARA Meals which is suitable for camping activities. You guys can prepare the rice within few minutes and you can choose your favorite flavors. Other than that, there is also HUTAN RATION Ultra Pack. This kind of food also provides you with the energy you need to go hiking, camping, and many more outdoor activities. There are also many more products such as KODA Nutrition Energy Gels, SaltStick Caps, etc.