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Original Premium Aonijie Malaysia

Lightweight. Affordable. Best quality. Multi-function! Get RM15 off your first AONIJIE Purchase – use code PTT01AONIJIE before it expires!

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RM69.00 RM40.00

Enjoy Running with Aonijie Malaysia

Most runners begin the race with the attitude of "I'm just going to keep the water in hand." This forces the runner not only to get his hands out but must also be attentive to the supply of water. You don't want to be the runner that is still behind the packing, you must resist drinking some water every now and then. Our Aonijie hydration backpack, Aonijie hydaration bag, and Aonijie running harness have been designed for AONIJIE and are both very compact and fashionable!


Aonijie Malaysia Product Range

For sport hydration specialists, Aonijie Malaysia is the best choice to choose! Aonijie hydration backpacks and Aonijie hydration bag is able to help you to hold your Anojie water bottles without any problem. Aonijie water bottles have the coolest design and the latest Aonijie Malaysia technology among other water bottles brand. Aonijie Malaysia has learned a lot for you to feel the same! This Aonijie hydration backpack and Aonijie hydration bag prevent your water bottle from slipping from your hands.

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