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Hiking Workouts at Home! Hiking is fast becoming a favourite hobby or activity among Malaysians. You may be hiking to keep...

If you haven't read the previous day, you can do so here: Day 6 [ Everest Base Camp ] Acclimatization Day at Dingboche Two days away. We are two days away from Everest Base Camp. After 6 days of continuous hiking, we are barely 48 hours away from our destination. We woke up to a blanket of snow outside our room in Dingboche. The temperature was low and waking up was not easy. Honestly, sleeping in seems like such a treat but no, the trek has to be covered and the destination has to be reached.
If you haven't read on our Day 4 adventure, here's the link: Day 4 [Everest Base Camp] - Namche Bazaar to Tengboche It was 6.30am in the morning. I can hear Deepak knocking on the door. "Mike, are you feeling better?" Yes, I feel much better now. I didn't lie. That was the truth. Despite waking up a few times last night, I felt energetic this morning. The fatigue I had the day before is gone. And I actually felt, hungry. The morning was still cold from the snow fall last night and we did our usual routine of packing up and heading down for breakfast.
I bet you have no idea that currently, there are more than 800,000 Malaysians which have been blacklisted from leaving the country. This could be due to a lot of reasons: outstanding student loan, outstanding tax repayment, outstanding warrant. Now the last thing you want is to happily reach the airport with your luggage bag and be told that you are NOT ALLOWED to leave the country. Better be safe than sorry. Always remember to check your blacklist status before your travel!
If you missed out on Day 3, you can read it here: Day 3 - Acclimatization Day At Namche Bazaar
"Do you want to give up and turn back?" Jacqueline asked while I tried to force down the Sherpa Stew served in front of me. I kept quiet, trying to hold back tears of regret that are welling up in my eyes. Exactly 12 hours ago, we woke up to a temperature of about 4°C and started packing our bags as usual. It's the normal routine that will repeat for a couple more days. Wake up, pack, head down for breakfast and head out. During breakfast, you would request your guide to fill up the water bottle or water bladder, which he will happily oblige and return with a bag full of water. You will then drop in a purification tablet and let it settle for an hour before drinking the water. This is done to prevent diarrhea and other stomach related complications. And neglecting that was a costly mistake that I did on day 4.

Just like beautiful places and unique buildings, creepy cities, and abandoned hoods arouse the curiosity of travellers all over the world. There are many places which have been totally abandoned and neglected.  Over the years, an aura of creepiness envelopes these places and can give you chills right down to your bone.  Feel your hackles rising? Read on to know more about 7 creepy abandoned cities. (Don't read this before you sleep)