Conquering Gunung Berembun, A basic walkthrough guide – Mount Berembun Adventure Time! [Updated 27 Aug 2018]

There is always a first step to everything, once you reach that 1000th step, and look back, you will feel it, you have done it! ~ PTT Outdoor Hello fellow Outdoorians, for today I want to talk about one of the famous hiking landmark that us Malaysians love to go to. The hiking spot is […]

CULTRA | A Preparation Guide – Interview with Suyuen

Finally, you did it. You signed up for CULTRA. You paid. And now, you’re a nervous wreck. What will you be expecting? How difficult is it? What are the types of equipment that you must bring? To aid you, we did an interview with Suyuen (insta: @suyuenwong), our PTT Outdoor ambassador who is also a […]

The Ultimate Guide to Hiking Places in Kuala Lumpur

Hiking is one of the best activities if you want to experience the mountains and see the real beauty that resides in the hilly areas. There are many amazing hiking places in the world but the beauty that you will find in Kuala Lumpur is unmatchable. There are many tourists that visit KL ever year […]

Camping Spots in Malaysia

Are you tired of living among the common four walled house of yours? Do you ever feel like escaping the vulnerable nature of the hustle and bustle of the urban city you live in? Do you ever wish to walk the isle of any countryside? In all of this questioning, if you ever feel like […]

Understanding Fitness Jargons- Part 1

Taking the first step We have been talking about fitness for some time. It is undeniable that fitness should be a part of everyone’s life. There is no colour, race, religion, beliefs, background, or size to fitness. Fitness is the same for everyone and everywhere. It is just about being fit and being the best […]