Jacqueline K Elysium Series: Quick Dry Outdoor Tudung (Purple) | PTT Outdoor
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Jacqueline K Elysium Series: Quick Dry Outdoor Tudung (Purple)


  •  Comfortable Fit
  •  Lightweight – feels like a second skin
  •  Cooling Fabric
  •  Stretchable
  •  Com-fit: Doesn’t move around during workout
  •  Quick dry
  •  No ironing needed

Comfortable Fit

We know how adjusting your tudung all the time can be a pain. Which is why with our Elysium series, we make sure that the tudung fits perfectly no matter what your facial features are. With our stretchable material, the tudung will feel like your second skin in no time. Hike, run, jump, dance! We want you to enjoy being free.


Cooling & Quick Dry

We know how hot it is when you are in the outdoors and we want to solve that for you. Fortunately for you, our fabric releases heat faster than average, providing you with literally a cool, comfortable head. Need a quick turnaround with your tudung? Our tudung dries off faster than normal. Wash it with water and watch it dries within hours.


No Ironing Needed

What’s better than a cool comfortable head? The tudung needs no ironing and stays sleek and stylish all the time (even after a good wash!) Definitely a must have for ladies on the go!

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Model View


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